Video representative art work
Memory Foam 2022
Single Channel Video - 13'51"

A hybrid work combining black and white still photographs with sound, Memory Foam depicts an imaginary house that is a composite of views assembled from twenty-six different homes. The video features ordinary lamps that illuminate a variety of situations and objects. The soundtrack, composed by Jason Sloan, is drawn from audio recordings of the sound generated by the electromagnetic field unique to each light source depicted in the video..

For most of us, “home” connotes an intimate space and, as such, may be thought of as a reflection of the self. The video attempts to blur the boundary between the individual and the world through shared experiences as evidenced, for instance, in the overlapping infrastructure collaged from several basements or the ubiquitous framed photographs of family and friends that appear throughout the video. Animals and plants thrive in this house, too. Clock faces serve as pauses or intervals between groups of images. The presence of digital technology explores how our personal environment is increasingly mediated and monitored by technology.

Memory Foam is a unique way of exploring the interface between still imagery, animation, and sound. Throughout the film, light and sound are the connecting threads as the camera makes its way from the basement foundation to the attic eaves, highlighting intimate details of love and domestic life along the way.